Provide management and operation services of marine berths with the latest in international technologies and professional methods. Moreover, deliver a wide range of integrated, leading and unique marine services to suit the needs of yacht and boat owners, as well as seafarers, and apply management and operation systems of international ports (safe and environmentally friendly marinas).

Mooring Assistance

  • The mooring crew gives to all customers 24 hours mooring assistance

Fresh Water

  • On the docks

Electric Energy 110v-220v

  • Bi-phase and three-phase electric energy on the dam

Docks Lighting


  • In the marina area there is 24 hours guarding service, walkways, docks and during the night, a further safety control is given. All accesses to the marina are controlled and the main entrance has automatic barriers and watch-over 24 hours.

Fire Service

  • Fire fight equipment

Sanitary Facilities & Showers


  • With 70-Ton Travel Lift


  • Disabled Access: All the marina areas are accessible for disabled.


First Aid

Waste & Waste Oil Collection